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- I should have some presentation stuff here

Also decide if I'm finally writing in french or english -_-


Information War

Operation Elven Cloak

Pixel Dungeon

+ some blogging shit

Other contribootin'

Template de présentation de projet

Tricks pour l'install d'Archlinux

Todo list

Add description for previous completed project (or abandonned)

  • "Install your Linux" Afternoon
  • Little explanation about some basic notion people should have in mind for programming in C
  • Quick robot trajectory viewer developped for the robotic association (not done, i might correct remaining bugs quickly to provide a functionnal version)
  • Galaxy collision simulator (not done)
  • ...

Complete ressources for the library, such as

  • Add LaTeX document template
  • Add C/C++ tricks
  • Add basic examples for PIC 18F2550 programmation
  • ...

Also use a proper template for my project pages

Also make some nice design for the main page

And set up a usable SVN server and cloud, though I'm not entirely sure that will be useful

Add some personnal advices on how to deal with projects


Once Dismorphia is located at home :

  • Get a proper domain name (dismorphia.info ?)
  • What about hosting a TOR server ?
  • Mail server, at least for security reports from fail2ban